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Do keyboards work on PS4? The PlayStation 4 (PS4) is an adored gaming console that has brought joy to millions of gamers across the globe. While it includes a default controller, there are gamers who opt for the accuracy and ergonomic benefits of a keyboard for specific gaming experiences and tasks. But do keyboards work on the PS4? Now we will explain the compatibility, setup process, and benefits of using a keyboard on your PS4 for an enhanced gaming experience.

Section 1: 

Compatibility Before you connect a keyboard to your PS4, it’s crucial to ensure compatibility. Fortunately, the PS4 does support most USB and Bluetooth keyboards. Here’s what you need to know:

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USB Keyboards:

Do keyboards work on PS4 USB Keyboards
Image By: Alaqsa Computers
  • Most wired USB keyboards are plug-and-play, which means you can simply connect them to one of the PS4’s USB ports.
  • The PS4 recognizes the keyboard as an input device and automatically maps certain keys for basic functionality.

Bluetooth Keyboards:

Do keyboards work on PS4 Bluetooth Keyboards
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  • Bluetooth keyboards can also be connected to the PS4.
  • Go to the PS4’s settings, navigate to ‘Devices,’ then ‘Bluetooth Devices’ to pair your keyboard.

Section 2:

Setting Up Your Keyboard Now that you’ve confirmed compatibility, let’s set up your keyboard for use with the PS4:

Connect the Keyboard:

  • For USB keyboards, simply plug them into one of the available USB ports.
  • For Bluetooth keyboards, go to ‘Settings,’ then ‘Devices,’ and select ‘Bluetooth Devices’ to pair and connect your keyboard.

Keyboard Layout:

  • While most keys work intuitively, the PS4 may not recognize all keys on the keyboard, particularly if it has additional functions or multimedia keys.
  • You can customize key mappings by navigating to ‘Settings,’ ‘Devices,’ and ‘External Keyboard’ on the PS4 menu.

Testing Your Keyboard:

  • To ensure everything is working correctly, open a text input field, like the PSN message composer, and test typing on your keyboard.

Section 3:

Benefits of Using a Keyboard on PS4 Now that your keyboard is set up, let’s explore the advantages:

Text Input: 

Typing with a keyboard is faster and more comfortable than using the on-screen keyboard. This is especially useful for messaging friends or searching the PlayStation Store.

Game Compatibility: 

Some games, particularly MMORPGs and strategy titles, offer enhanced control and convenience when played with a keyboard and mouse.

Web Browsing: 

Use your keyboard to surf the internet on the PS4’s built-in browser with ease.


For individuals with disabilities or those who find controllers uncomfortable, keyboards can provide a more accessible way to enjoy PS4 games.


Many gaming keyboards offer programmable keys, allowing you to map in-game commands for a more personalized gaming experience.


In summary, keyboards can work on a PS4, offering numerous benefits for gaming and other console activities. Whether you’re looking for faster text input, improved control in specific games, or enhanced accessibility, connecting a keyboard to your PS4 is a straightforward process that can significantly enhance your gaming experience. So, don’t hesitate to plug in your keyboard and level up your PS4 gaming sessions.


What can I use a keyboard for on my PS4?

  • A keyboard can be used for various functions on the PS4, including typing text, entering URLs, navigating the web browser, and chatting in games.

Can I use a keyboard to play games on my PS4?

  • While most games are designed for the PS4 controller, some games do offer keyboard and mouse support. Check the game’s settings or documentation to see if keyboard input is supported.

Do all USB and Bluetooth keyboards work with the PS4?

  • Most standard USB and Bluetooth keyboards should work with the PS4. However, some specialized keyboards or those with unique layouts may need to be more compatible.

Can I use keyboard shortcuts on my PS4 with a keyboard?

  • Yes, you can use keyboard shortcuts for certain functions on the PS4, such as taking screenshots or recording gameplay. Refer to the PS4’s user manual or online resources for a list of available keyboard shortcuts.

Is there a specific keyboard layout or brand that is recommended for PS4 use?

  • There is no specific brand or layout recommended, but it’s best to use a standard keyboard layout (e.g., QWERTY) for ease of use. Any reputable keyboard should work well.

Can I use a wireless keyboard receiver with my PS4?

  • The PS4 supports Bluetooth keyboards, so you don’t need a separate wireless receiver. However, if you have a non-Bluetooth wireless keyboard, you may need a USB adapter for it to work with the PS4.

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