People from the pandemic covid-19 are still suffering. The second phase of the virus has started ruining our lives. Going out in this pandemic means putting yourself and others' lives in jeopardy. Also, doing nothing, just sitting at home, waiting for the time when everything will get back to normal, wishing to go to work and urging to meet our pals again is not worth it. It is only a waste of our time which is very precious for all of us. Isn’t it? Therefore, until this situation gets normal rather than just thinking we are not able to anything, taking much stress, why can we not utilize our time to do something productive at home? So, here are some ideas which can help you to start something new, to enhance your skills and also would allow you to grow as a person. Not that these tips are the only way to handle the situation but definitely they are one of the smart ways to utilize the time industriously. GRIND TO MAKE YOURSELF BETTER Grind to make yourself better means working on yourself. Take your time, energy and focus on you and restore a healthy and balanced life. Spend an appropriate amount of time on improving your own situation. Before, focusing on any other work you need to focus on yourself, whatever is not good, figure it out and start working on it, for doing that first you need to know yourself properly and, The best way to know yourself is “Spend some of your time alone”, at that time only you are with you. Spending time alone allows you to learn more about yourself, it gives an opportunity to plan your life, empowers you to be comfortable with who you are. After knowing these points you will be able to focus more on yourself and would know what exact you want in your life, how you want to see yourself and how you can groom your personality. The important thing about this point is that you will know better and worse part of yourself and will be aware of your emotions which is the best form of self-care ENROLL FOR ONLINE COURSES Enrolling online course, successfully passing the assignments and tests will help you to enhance your skills. Your course can be related to any field, it can be Web Development, Digital marketing, or any other you want. Having excellent skills apart from your qualifications helps a lot in getting a job as per your need, and also helps in starting your own startups. One can also go for the online fun courses like learning how to play an instrument, How to cook different dishes, etc. I think, practicing an instrument can be a good fun, and it’s an inventive way to keep yourself entertained and constantly learning. INSPIRE OTHERS AND YOURSELF TO BE MORE CREATIVE Your creativity can inspire others to do something more different. Inspire yourself as well as your friends, family, colleagues, followers to do something creative and different. This is the opportunity that will never be found. Sitting at your home can make you a person you have ever dream, and also allows you share your thoughts and opinions to help others, for that social media is the best platform. This will help you in a way, you can start doing social media marketing, you can be a good social media influencer, writing posts at Linkedin, etc, etc… which eventually will help you as well as your friends to stay updated with time and they can be inspired for doing something new. All of us are isolated from the people we usually spend time with but by sharing our ideas, asking them to do something productive, knowing their opinions can be the way to connect with them via more than ever before. DISCOVER YOUR HOBBIES This is the time to reclaim your childhood interest. Think about the hobbies you used to enjoy till you were grown up. What was the most interesting thing you like do to when you were a kid? Did you spend hours in painting? Or playing any particular games? Or any other? Try to relive those moments again. Even if you don’t have any hobby to be consider then there might be any activity that you enjoy. “I always ask people what it is they like to do for fun, - says Weiler.” Exploring what you love doing is a good thing to explore, because things like cooking, watching sports, roaming around any park could easily be turned into your hobby such as getting interest in cooking food or taking cooking classes, joining any sport team, gardening. You just need figure it out, how you enjoy spending your time. The point is you’re already doing things that you love it’s a simple and the best way to find hobbies that you truly enjoy and that will make you a better and most relevant person. WORK ON YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILLS AND LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE How many times have you said that you’d like to learn a new language and want to work on our communication skills? I’m sure many times over the years but because of the work load or any other timing issues you won’t able to do. Well, now you have time to do so. For improving your communication skills: Start reading books (include this in your daily activity) Watch the web series with the language you want to be perfect in Include that language in your daily routine Write blogs, proper and effective emails, articles Learn a New Language: With the apps like Memrise, Babbel, Duolingo, and Hello Talk you can easily learn the new languages. PROVIDE A STRONG FOUNDATION TO YOUR PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH Your Physical and Mental health is very important. Be sure you are doing yoga or any other physical exercise on a daily basis to stay fit and healthy, make sure to take a proper diet. Our mental health plays an important role in all of our lives. It includes our emotional, psychological and social well being. It affects how we feel, act and think. To keep your mental state healthy, do mediation. Meditation is one of the best things you can do to relieve stress and improve your wellbeing. CATCH UP ON YOUR SLEEP Don’t make an unusual routine, take a proper sleep . Also you can take a power nap of about 20-30 minutes in the early afternoon. Sleep on the weekends but not more than two hours. Go to bed a little earlier the next night. Your sleeping routine has a great impact in your other day work routine and in your health as well. “ I hope you found these points helpful and would implement some of them in your life”